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On the topic of nude races — recently the 9th annual “Sopelana Nudist Race,” a 5 km (3.1 mile) run on Barinatxe Beach near Bilbao took place in northern Spain. 136 men, women and children took part in this year’s race.

Prizes for the race on the beach also known as La Salvaje include trophies for the categories of men, women, “veterans” (i.e., 40+ men) and children as well as week-long stays at nudist colonies in Gran Canaria and Almería. 


The race was started in 1999 by naturalist and sportsman Paxti Ros, who wanted to combine his two favourite pastimes into one public event. The Basque Country Naturist Club (ENE) took over the race in 2003 and renamed it the “Patxi Ros Trophy.” According to the group’s website, the purpose of the race is “to promote the Naturist way of life and to develop a healthy life style along with Naturism and sports.” 

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