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I read a story today about a 10-year-old Kapti Coast boy who has taken action in a bid to stop other children from seeing naked men at their local beaches. 

Michael Hayward from Kenakena School was walking on Paraparaumu beach with his mum when they stumbled across a man sunbathing naked.

Horrified at what he saw he launched a petition and with 144 signatures on it – presented it to the Kapiti District Council on Friday.

Michael says families should not have to be exposed to naked men. 

More on the “‘Horrible’ sight of naked man spurs boy’s protest” story here, but I have to wonder if little 10 year old Michael is the culprit behind the petition, or could the real fuel to the fire be Michael’s mother — who “rang the police about the sunbather…”

My what people will do for press these days.  At least Michael got his 15 minutes.


  1. Would it NOT be interesting to discover if the boy actually has a) a father in residence b) an older brother in residence c)any familial male role models — uncles, grandfathers — who can teach him that, “Yes, Son/Bro, guys DO sunbathe naked, and, if you don’t like it, avert your eyes and move on.” I think the lad should spend a little more time in his spelling classroom than on the beach, since– the last time I saw the proper spelling of “nudest” the word was “nudist”. What’s amazing, too, is the boy’s age —
    can we give the dear lad — what? Five more years? — and he’ll be happily cavorting with his ‘mates’ in the nude in high school showers, pools, playing fields, in sun and rain? And was he simply asking for the ban in order to impress his mother? Had he been walking without her company — would he have found the whole thing rather just, ‘oops, there’s a naked man, let me be on my way’? I doubt the boy is tramatized any — we have no mention of the turgid or flaccid state of the male member upon the occasion of the sighting of the u.f.o (universal flagellating object/objectionable) — I’m sure its state of varied arousal is something that a keen attorney would want to know when given the chance to cross-examine the boy. You know, this is all childish behavior on his part– but what do I expect? when I was a lad I would go and wag my finger at a cigarettte smoker and tell them they were going to hell if they smoked; and — today — I enjoy an occassional small cigar, the taste, smell and the sensuousness– nothing to say of the hedonistic luxury — of tobacco from time to time. And — just to go for the obvious joke — as Mark Twain might have said on this occasion: And I enjoy smoking my cigar — nude —on the beach.” So there. Run along, little boy, and go find a Big Brother Mentor who can help you get over your Small-boy-small-mindedness. My simple verdict: There’s NO FAHTER in the house! Get thee a ROLE MODEL — both Mom and son! Gregg Oreo

  2. Not to beat a dead horse, but (as in the play “Equus”) may I add a “P. S.”, a la Alan Strang? Was the man sunbathing on his stomach? Was he sunbathing on his back? His side? Was he seated and eating lunch or reading a book? Was he surrounded by friends, a mate? Was he alone? A mirage or a hallucination? Did he engage the mother-son team in conversation (at least a cheery, “Good afternoon!”)? Was he exercising? I just want to know what greeted the eyes of this Modern Day Oedipus Rex and Mommy Rex? And, just for the record: Does any one remember streaking? Is Streaking a Nudist activity, per se? Thanks for letting me place an addendum to my original remarks. ( Hmmm: Zak Efron as Alan Strang– -there ya go! Ticket sales would SKY ROCKET! Horse School Musical, Part I.)

  3. The mere fact that the boy was supposedly so upset about seeing a man naked (while with his mother, lol)…seems evidence that he is being brainwashed by a feminist & likely had no male father-figure to speak of. If he did, it was probably a step-dad afraid of being nude at home…or terrified of the mommy ranting about it if he was! Poor kid — he suffered an lack of fatherliness at home &, what, is now afraid of seeing a naked male such as himself?? — That is the twisted perversion of the feminist movement: hatred of all things male. They are HARMING children by it. are boy sterrified of seeing girls or women naked? No. So why should women be allowed to make out like men are nasty evil beings simply for being men/male? It is the devil’s card being played against the USA to make boys grow up to be effeminate, insecure, & unsure of who they are, even in their gender! Something truly has to be done to help American boys, and girls, too. What do they do when they grow up if they are terrified & tramatized about seeing a naked man?! — All become lesbians? Marry yet treat their husbands with disdain & contempt about nudity & sex, brow-beat them, & raise up another crop of wimpy, gay or effeminate girly-boys? Then what happens when the U.S. has another big war — heaven help us if it comes to us, right?

  4. Doesn’t he look so sexy naked?

  5. I had the same thought, that probably the kid has no father and the woman no man.

  6. People wouldn’t do a lot of things if they realized people were laughing at them behind their backs.

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